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F.A.Q. concerning Kombucha / Combucha:

If my fungus is very big – can I divide it without difficulty ?
You may divide the fungus anytime without problems. However, please take care that it is clean. If the second fungus is big enough you may use it as a new culture medium. Please take care that the Kombucha does not have unnecessary contact with metals. Often you can just use plastic scissors or simply peel the layer.

My fungus has elevated upwards - what must I do ?
If the fungus has elevated upwards you either have to divide it or prick the bubble. It should not be exposed to the air; otherwise it would dry out and become useless.

What do I do about Kombucha if I plan to go a greater trip ?
This is a problem we all face at some point. The best solution of course would be to take the Kombucha with you stored in a screw top jar so that you may have your Kombucha drink every morning. Else there are 2 possibilities:

Firstly : You find someone who helps you out during the holiday :
Secondly : You store the Kombucha using a medium containing black tea and put it into the fridge. When stored in the fridge the Kombucha is not that active and can last for up to three weeks.
Note : Some Kombucha-lovers reported that they had successfully frozen the Kombucha. My experiences were of limited success, which is why I recommend this procedure for people who own a spare Kombucha. Please note that after having been frozen the Kombucha will most likely need several weeks to recover.

How long may I use my fungus ?
In theory the fungus can be used indefinitely. It growth in the course of time or generates a new fungus on the surface . Due to the usage of black tea an older fungus may be recognized by its color, which is darker

My fungus has generated mould on the surface – what must I do ?
One problem that may arise is the generation of mould. There are always mould particles in the air so that you want to take extra care with the younger fungus to keep it clean and in the right temperature (25 degree Celsius). The bigger the fungus the more resistant it is. If you discover mould on top of the fungus you can try to get rid of it by wiping it with a little bit of vinegar. Throw away the beverage and start a new culture medium. If you have no starter liquid you just add some vinegar to the culture medium. If you are lucky the mould had not reached the sore of the fungus and everything may go ahead as usual. However, if you have bad luck mould will generate again and again. In this case you cannot use the fungus anymore. That is why it is always prudent to work with two cultures.

Does the Kombucha drink contain alcohol ?
Unfortunately the final Kombucha-Drink exhibits an alcohol concentration of up to 3 %. The exact amount is not easy to ascertain as it is determined by the fermentation period, the size of the Kombucha and the temperature as well as many other circumstances.

My Kombucha drink does not taste like the one in the supermarket!
A purchased Kombucha cannot easily be compared with the self-produced. Already a look at the ingredients makes this obvious. Furthermore, a real Kombucha would continue to ferment even after having been filled into bottles, which is why it is not practical for mass production. After the filling process the fermentation is stopped. This is why a large amount of the vital characteristics is lost (living germs, enzymes). You can adjust the taste by changing the following determinants: fermentation period, amount of sugar, temperature, sort of tea, amount of tea, and whether you mix it with mineral water.

Keifr Where can I get a Kombucha fungus ?
Please refer to : Supply

Is the Kombucha drink suitable for diabetics ?
Unfortunately the Kombucha drink contains a rather large amount of sugar. If you let the beverage ferment for a longer period it will contain less sugar. However, the rest amount will have to be taken into account.

How can I order Kombucha using the internet ?
Please refer to : Placing an order – how does it work?

May I drink Kombucha during pregnancy ?
The Kombucha drink exhibits an alcohol concentration of up to 4 %. ( Determined by several factors ) and is not recommended for pregnant women .


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