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F.A.Q. concerning Milk-Kefir:

Keifr If my Kefir corm is very big – may I divide it without difficulty ?
I the Kefir corm does not divide on its own (usually a greater number of small Kefir corm evolve in the course of time) one may divide it with using a plastic knife and use the new sections for new cultures.

Keifr My Kefir has become very slimy and exhibits many strings ?
Generally this is no sign of poor quality. However, if you plan on removing the slime please use lukewarm water to clean the corm. That way the micro-organisms are not damaged.

Keifr How long can I use the corm ?
Theoretically the Kefir corm is immortal (if treated properly). However, it has been brought to my attention several times that older bigger corms (therefore older ones) generate a bitterer beverage than the smaller ones. But since new corms are being produced all the time you may simply wish to use these. Alternatively you may want to divide the corms using a plastic knife.

Keifr What do I do about Kefir if I plan to go a greater trip ?
This is a problem we all face at some point. The best solution of course would be to take the Kefir with you stored in a screw top jar so that you may have your Kefir drink every morning. Else there are 2 possibilities:

Firstly : You find someone who helps you out during the holiday :

Secondly : You store the Kefir using a medium containing 65 % of water and 35 % of milk and put it into the fridge. When stored in the fridge the Kefir is not that active and can last for up to three weeks. The generated drink however is not suitable for consumption and the Kefir will require some time to recover its strength and activity.
Note : Some Kefir-lovers reported that they had successfully frozen the Kefir. My experiences were of limited success, which is why I recommend this procedure for people who own a spare Kefir. Please note that after having been frozen the Kefir will most likely need several weeks to recover.

Keifr Can my Kefir corm get contaminated ?
Usually the Kefir corm is a capable symbiosis of various kinds of yeast and micro-organisms, which is quite able to counter any outside attack. This is the main reason why the Kefir could prevail this long on this planet. However, if you should find that your Kefir drink tastes differently you should be very cautious. It may prove prudent to dispense with the odd one and start a new culture.

Keifr My Kefir drink does not taste like the ones being sold in the supermarkets!
The Kefir drinks that are being sold in the supermarkets are made of “mild” Kefir. This is not entirely identical to the genuine Milk-Kefir (because it is not practical for mass production). This is why slight differences in taste are quite common However, if you should find that your Kefir drink tastes very differently you should be very cautious . ( see also : Can my Kefir corm get contaminated?)

Keifr Where can I get a Kefir corm ?
Please refer to : Supply

Keifr Does the Kefir drink contain alcohol ?
Unfortunately the final Kefir drink exhibits an alcohol concentration of up to 1 %. The exact amount is not easy to ascertain as it is determined by the fermentation period, the size of the corm and the temperature as well as many other circumstances.

Keifr Is the Kefir drink suitable for diabetic ?
The Milk-Kefir drink does not contain any additional sugar apart from the sugar naturally found in the milk itself, which is why it is indeed suitable for diabetics.

Keifr May I drink Kefir during pregnancy ?
The Kefir drink exhibits an alcohol concentration of up to 1 %. ( Determined by several factors ) and is not recommended for pregnant women .

Keifr How can I order Kefir using the internet ?
Please refer to : Placing an order – how does it work?

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