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wasserkefir Water-Kefir, Crystal Algae, Japanese Crystals, Seaweed:

Who has not come along terms like Japanese Crystals or Water-Kefir?

What is Water-Kefir ?
How do you produce it ?
Where can you get Japanese Crystals ?

These and other questions I’d like to answer on my site .

wasserkefir The historical origin of the Water-Kefir is not entirely sure. Due to the designation Japanese Crystals it is feasible that it originates from Japan. These and other information you will find on the site History .

wasserkefir Water-Kefir is said to have all kinds of powers. Inside the Water-Kefir there is a symbiosis between bacteria and yeast-cells. These and other information you will find on the site application .

wasserkefir With the help of Water-Kefir-Cultures you can produce the natural Kefir drink. All you need is water, Kefir-Crystals, and some dried fruit. What else has to be taken into account you can be read under Production .
wasserkefir Water-Kefir generates a tasty, somewhat sour, bitter fermentation drink. However, one can adjust the taste by adding various ingredients. The page recipes is devoted to the topic of Water-Kefir recipes.
wasserkefir Are you interested in producing this storied beverage yourself? Within the column Supply you will find information on how to get hold of this drink yourself.

wasserkefir For all of those who already know Water-Kefir but have no means of getting this wondrous gathering of micro-organisms I offer a way to receive a little Water-Kefir culture. You may purchase it on my order page.
wasserkefir You already possess a Water-Kefir and are looking for information on arising questions? Probably you willl find the right answer under Questions.

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