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wasserkefir use of Water-Kefir

All information on my sites refer to the genuine Water-Kefir (also called Japanese Crystals or Japanese Crystal algae).

wasserkefir For some time now one can purchase Water-Kefir enzymes in specialized bio- or healthy food shops. These are also made of micro-organisms and taste similar to the genuine Water-Kefir. On the other hand these enzymes only live for a relatively short time. Unlike the genuine Water-Kefir these cultures don’t replicate and deplete after a time.

Often people differentiate between Water-Kefir and Japanese Crystals. However, this is not called for: Water-Kefir is biologically identical to Japanese Crystals. Most probably, these different names for the same product are the result of the its introduction in Europe by diverse cultures in different ways.

Although Water-Kefir is said to have various properties - it can not substitute for a healthy life-style, to say the least of a visit to the medical doctor.


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